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10 Years in the Baltic Market!

we are ?

We are merchandising services company in the consumer goods industry that delivers smarter solutions to clients for faster growth in an ever-changing world. We link consumers to brands, clients to customers, insights to ideas, and people to opportunities. From chain stores to the neighborhood grocer – we are the partner you can trust to do your project right.

we do ?

  • We make sure that your products are available on the shelf, are clean and neat, have the correct price tag, are ordered in accordance to their expiration date and they stand out among the thousands other products in a retail outlet! 
  • We make sure that your promotional material is displayed at the correct time and at the correct position!
  • Our Merchandising Services help you simultaneously increase your sales by better projecting your products and reduce your cost by benefiting of the synergies of our network.

  • Who are your main competitors and how do you stand in comparison to the competition?
  • In which areas are you performing well and in which areas are there still opportunities for improvement?
  • In which retail outlets and in which geographic areas you perform best and in which outlets you fall behind?
  • How do your sales team compare with each other and with the competitors?
  • In which areas of your business you should intensify your efforts and stand up to fierce competition?


You can get reliable and meaningful answers to all these questions by using our Retail and Store Audit service. A business information tool specifically designed to assist and improve your competitive position in the market!

  • All category handling of goods;
  • Monitoring of all category goods at retail outlets;
  • Audit of monitoring of goods;
  • Planogram implementation;
  • Promotional campaign implementation and control;
  • Distribution of advertising material;
  • Real time information.

If only you could see your business from the customer’s point of view… Well, now you can!

Thanks to mystery shoppers, you can get a full report on how customers view your brand as well as what really goes on at your point of sales when supervisors are not around.

Mystery shopping is a popular marketing technique of using independent auditors posing as ordinary customers to collect information about the quality of a product or services provided by a retail company.

Let our specialists inspect your store and find out how organised it is as well as how your staff greets and assists customers!

Customer Satisfaction
Visual Merchandising
Brand Ambassador
Sell-In Staff
Store Activation
Product Demonstration
Launch Events
Staff Interviews
Staff Coaching

we work ?

Baltic states

With a network of around 100 Merchandisers and a countrywide coverage we offer our clients a possibility to achieve every sales outlet in all the Baltic region. We ensure a feedback in actual time and deliver solutions for clients with specific requirements in one country or with more global needs.

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Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools, UAB

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Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools, SIA

Bauskas str. 58, LV-1004 Riga, Latvia

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Tomorrow’s Trends & Tools, OÜ

Ehitajate Tee 114, 13517 Tallinn

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HR department: +37065677326


Rimantas Paulauskas
General Director
Almantas Sviklas
Business Development Manager
Artūras Želtotrubovas
Commercial Director
Mindaugas Jokšas
Projects Manager
Ina Ivickaitė-Vaitilionė
Human Resources Manager Baltics

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